Women’s day

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International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 in most countries. On the other hand, some places it at other times. For example, Tunisia celebrates it on August 13th. This day aims to fight for women's rights and the reduction of gender inequalities. It was the United Nations that formalized this day in 1977. Before that date, some celebrations had already been prepared. For example, in Denmark in 1910, the Socialist International celebrated an International Women's Day. 

Since it formalization, this day is celebrated around the world. Often, demonstrations are prepared to make people aware of the inequalities still present in our society with the aim of improving the women’s status. 

In developing countries, the situation is even more critical. Women have great difficulty in receiving adequate education and can not get a job, which means that many women are very poor. Some are victims of violence, trafficking and forced marriages. 

Although Western countries are far more advanced in terms of women's rights than other countries, there is still some way to go. In many countries, for the same job, women's wages are often lower than men's. In addition, some positions are still almost exclusively filled by men. Finally, women's maternity is still perceived as negative for many employers who prefer to hire a man.

Women's Day is therefore a good time to campaign for women all over the world to have access to the same rights as men: adequate education, a job with fair pay and respect for their rights. We all want women around us to have the best possible living conditions. This day is a great opportunity to mention to women around us our support for women's rights.

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