Air of Spring Wreath
$185.95 $160.95

This wreath is composed of a variety of colourful gerberas and a touch of baby's breath. It is sure ..

Autumn's Charm Casket Spray
$271.95 $235.95

Say good-bye to your dear one by laying this beautiful fall-colored casket spray. Composed of orange..

Enduring Light Casket Spray
$247.95 $214.95

The purity of this all-white casket spray creates an aura of serenity and peace - a beautifully memo..

Eternal Love Wreath
$271.95 $235.95

This splendid wreath is composed of deep red roses and pure white lilies and will decorate the coffi..

Feminine Softness
$294.95 $255.95

This assortment of lilies, dendrobiums, roses, liatris and wax is the perfect match for a wild and e..

Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray
$254.95 $220.95

This beautiful red and white spray will deliver strength and the wisdom to know that there will be b..

The Affection Casket Spray
$523.95 $454.95

Lavender and purple casket spray of roses, carnations, liatris, snap dragons and assorted fillers...

The casket spray All simplicity
$121.95 $105.95

You want to celebrate the departure of a loved one in a simple and distinguished way, this casket sp..

The Casket Spray Autumn brightness
$397.95 $345.95

This majestic casket spray is suitable for a closed coffin or partly opened. It will bring poise and..

The casket spray Eternal Rest
$236.95 $205.95

To commemorate the departure of a loved one, nothing will be more appropriate than this sheaf of cof..

The Deeply Adored Casket Spray
$534.95 $464.95

Roses and orchids to say goodbye to the person for whom you feel a deep love...

The Eternal Serenity Casket Spray
$236.95 $205.95

This pure white casket spray will bring elegance and sophistication to the memory of a lost one. Inc..

The Flaming Red Casket Spray
$294.95 $255.95

A beautiful Casket Spray in warm reddish shades including Asiatic lilies, beautiful roses and eyelet..

The Immorta Casket Spray
$305.95 $265.95

Casket spray of carnations, pompons, liatris, and filler flowers in lavenders and purples...

The Lilies casket spray
$259.95 $225.95

The Lily Casket Spray: With its pure white lilies, royal blue roses and delicate foliage, this gorge..

The Lovliness Casket Spray
$457.95 $397.95

Lavender roses and orchids are among the many glorious blooms used to create this casket spray to co..

The peaceful Rest
$173.95 $150.95

This is a soft casket spray composed with cream roses, yellow wax and of delightful greens from whic..

The Peaceful Tribute Casket Spray
$421.95 $366.95

This design is a delicate mix of roses in pastel shades. Appropriate to display on a casket...

The Red Splendor Casket Spray
$389.95 $338.95

Casket spray in all shades of red carnations, roses, gladiolus and lilies with emerald fern...

The Ressurection Casket Spray
$367.95 $319.95

Resplendent with roses, tulips, orchids, and lilies, this spray is an elegant and sophisticated disp..

The Romantic Casket Spray
$282.95 $245.95

This cushion includes white lilies, white snapdragons, white dendrobiums with a delicate touch of be..

The sheaf sweet rest
$328.95 $285.95

A loved one is gone too fast, this funeral cushion will somewhat soothe your pain with lively and vi..

The Sincerity Casket Spray
$241.95 $209.95

A traditional type casket spray of red and white carnations and white pompons with filler...

The soft pink casket spray
$293.95 $254.95

To commemorate the memory of a dear one, lay this beautiful wreath composed of pink and white roses,..

The Solace Casket Spray
$282.95 $245.95

Red carnations, rust colored alstromeria and burgundy asters make up this casket spray...

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