African Violet
$51.95 $44.95

This remarkable plant with its soft leaves and delicate blooms is so charming, it's sure to leave th..

African Violets
$61.95 $50.95

This assortment of colorful African violets is the perfect gift for any occasion. Violets are delive..

$110.95 $96.95

Its pink bloom resembles a tasty pineapple. With its spectacular color and exotic look, it's sure to..

Florist's choice - Flowering Plant
$69.95 $59.95

Can't decide what to order? Let the experts take over! Our professional designers will select the ni..

Staff Pick
Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchid
$105.95 $92.95

A lovely lavender orchid is the perfect choice to send for any occasion. So send it, and you'll real..

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
$94.95 $82.95

With its understated elegance, this gorgeous white orchid plant is a long-lasting choice. Perfect fo..

Pink Kalanchoe
$50.95 $44.95

This hardy plant produces a plethora of small, colorful pink flowers bursting from a compact group o..

The Kalanchoe
$46.95 $40.95

The Kalanchoe plant is living proof. With proper care, it'll last for years. What a wonderful remind..

The Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchid
$116.95 $101.95

This exquisite blooming orchid plant is great for "orchid plant beginners" and is a luxurious way to..

The Spring Sweetness Planter
$82.95 $72.95

A resplendent hydrangea plant displays large globes of small blossoms that are blue to purple to pin..

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