Wedding day Celebrations

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Marriage is a solemn act that a heterosexual or homosexual couple establishes a union governed by the civil or religious code. It is also a lasting commitment to create a family by solemn and official act.

The reasons for the marriage:

Marriage is a desire to found a family and to have a stable and protective environment, the desire to prove one's love, to make it official and to proclaim it loud and clear.

The promises of marriage:

The spouses owe loyalty, respect and support in the trials of life. This institution gives spouses a special status and gives consenting obligations to their spouses, families and future children. The marriage has no limit of duration, it can be broken by a separation of the bodies or a legal divorce.

The story of the marriage proposal:

It is often the man who returns the tradition of the marriage proposal and always according to the tradition, he must ask the agreement of the father of the girl, by asking him to give him her hand. After having taken into account the feelings, material and financial conditions of the young man to support his daughter, the father makes his decision.

The conduct of the marriage proposal:

Traditionally, the man makes his marriage proposal with a knee on the ground and the engagement ring in his case in his hand. This engagement ring is often a solitaire, so a single main diamond, if the woman accepts the proposal, she then wears her diamond in the left ring finger as a sign of conjugal fidelity. Nowadays, more and more modern women, who are often impatient to marry, take the initiative by making their own marriage proposal to their spouse. 

Wedding organization:

The organization seems to be a mountain at first but no panic, here are some tips not to lose foot during all the preparations. Start by defining your budget and create a table of the different costs. Then, in order not to sink into stress, learn to manage your time well. A wedding is organized on average in one year but is possible in 6 months, know that the more you take in advance unless you suffer from overwork. Time allows you to think of everything and be more serene on D-Day, in a rush you may forget important points. Make a new table with the order of the tasks to be done and make sure you stick to it! 

It is said that your wedding will be the best day of your life. It might be important to entrust this event to professionals who will be in charge of creating an event that meets your aspirations! There are no other limits than those of your imagination to create an unforgettable day, populated with magical moments. Traditional or thematic wedding reception? You decide; wedding planning professionals take care of the rest! A professional wedding planner will accompany you in your wedding. She will guide you and make this day exclusive, original and in your image. Save time and money by using services and expertise in decorations, animation, preparation of your wedding.

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