Valentine’s day Celebrations

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Valentine's Day, the saint patron of lovers, is a dead priest martyred by the Romans on February 14, 270. At this time Valentine caught the anger of the Emperor Claudius II, who had just abolished the marriage. The emperor thought that married men did not make good soldiers because they did not want to leave their families. Claudius has abolished marriage. Valentin encourages young engaged couples to find him secretly to receive from him the blessing of marriage. He was arrested and imprisoned. While waiting for his execution in his prison, Valentin befriends the jailer's daughter and gives him back his sight. Just before being decapitated, he offers her heart-shaped leaves with the following message: from your Valentine!


In Roman mythology, Cupid represents the god of love who is personified by a little child dressed in little clothes, with a bow and an arrow. It is believed that when one of his arrows touches you, you fall in love with the first person you meet.


Nowadays we give mostly chocolate. Why? Some claim that this choice is not due to chance. Indeed, researchers have discovered that there is a love-seeking hormone, phenylethylamine, which is also found in chocolate.


The tradition is that Valentine's Day we offer a pretty bouquet of flowers. But where does this habit come from? It's just flowers, it's always fun, it smells good and it's pretty in a vase. Also, it's a simple and easy gesture of attention. 

The 'XXX' to signify kisses

When these "XXX" are written at the end of a love letter, it is generally not known that this is a custom dating back to the beginning of Catholicism when the X represented the cross, a symbol of sworn faith.

For a long time, the cross has had the same signature value because few people could write. When you signed an X you had to kiss the cross, which was an oath. It is from this practice of the kiss of the cross that the X symbolizes the kiss.


Originally Valentine wanted only to signify his attachment to a person who is dear to him. This event should rather be an opportunity to show his love and affection, not only to his loving partner, but also to his children, his friends, his parents, etc...

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