The End of Classes

Monday, Jul 15, 2019 0 comment(s)

With the end of classes arrive the exams, the last bulletin, the summer holidays and for some, a change of school. Does your child see all these events with a good eye? And you? 

The most recent exams can be worrying for children who have certain difficulties in the classroom. They know that these exams will mark the transition from one cycle to another and that the results will be kept on their record, which makes it a test more striking than the others.

Teachers usually take the time to prepare the students and give them exercises that will allow them to be ready for any eventuality, even for tricky questions. To avoid exhausting your child by trying to do everything the day before the exams, take the time to help them revise a little each evening during the weeks preceding this test period.

Some children are eager to live new adventures and to finally be able to spontaneity about the course of their days. For others, changing schools or ending a minute-to-minute routine can be extremely stressful. If your child is of the organized type, do not hesitate to concoct a light summer schedule. Remember that he is used to buses, recess, snacks, work, homework, and going to bed at reasonable times. 

You can also invite school friends from time to time so that your child does not lose sight of the friends he sees every day. It will be a good way for him to keep in touch and he will be happy to have a friend with whom to share the unusual and legendary adventures of the summer.

After this long school year, children can finally enjoy several weeks of vacation and sun. It's a little trickier for parents. Unless you are a teacher. And that you have between two and four weeks of vacation. As these are the last days of rest before winter, you want to enjoy it to the fullest. You want to have fun with the kids, travel, relax, finish small jobs on the house or undertake major renovation projects. Often, parents feel stuck between their desire to spend time with their children and their need to enjoy this little, so easily filled rest period.

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