The benefits of plants in the bedroom

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Flowers and plants bring an appreciable touch of nature into the house. They can also be surprisingly beneficial, especially

The benefits of plants in the bedroom 

Flowers and plants bring an appreciable touch of nature into the house. They can also be surprisingly beneficial, especially in the bedroom. From enjoying a healthier sleeping environment to chasing insomnia, plants are full of resources! 

Plants in the bedroom: legends and truth 

It is common to hear that flowers and plants have no place in the bedroom. The most tenacious misconception is that they release CO2 at night, which would be harmful to health. In reality, this is not entirely true: on the one hand, not all plants give off CO2 after dark, and on the other hand, when they do, it is in such small quantities. that there is not the slightest risk to health! 

On the other hand, it is essential to choose varieties adapted to the room, and to maintain them well. No question of opting for plants arranged above the head of the bed, and which would lose its leaves or flowers on the pillows and on the bolsters. Above all, we hunt for mold: we therefore take care to avoid excessive humidity and stagnant water! 

Lavender: your ally against insomnia 

Lavender is famous for its soothing properties. Lavender essential oil, in particular, is renowned for its calming properties. To benefit from the benefits of lavender, you can also grow it at home. Undemanding, lavender likes both the garden and the balcony. And its flowers are as fragrant when fresh as when dried. 

To find sleep more easily, you can put a bouquet of lavender in the bedroom. To take advantage of its virtues all year round, harvest the flowers and dry them. Placed in the linen closet, they impregnate the sheets with a delicate fragrance, conducive to falling asleep. They are also used in potpourri, and even in infusion. Suffice to say that it is always useful to have a lavender plant at hand! 

Aloe vera: the plant that takes care of you 

Very popular for its graphic look, aloe vera is easily grown in pots, indoors. Its fleshy succulent leaves are waterlogged. When you cut them, you can easily collect a gel with multiple properties: very effective in relieving burns, it is beneficial for treating many skin problems. 

Aloe vera has other notable benefits in the bedroom. This depolluting plant has the ability to filter many chemical substances present in cleaning products. Not content with cleaning up the atmosphere, it finally has the particularity of displeasing dust mites. 


Jasmine is one of those plants that are easily grown in the garden or trellised on the balcony. It produces abundant flowering during the winter, and its fragrance promotes deep and restorative sleep. While the scent of jasmine is bewitching, some people may find it heady. To enjoy its benefits without being disturbed, it is therefore recommended to opt for a modest bouquet, which will not be installed in the immediate vicinity of the bed. 

If the scent of jasmine bothers you, even when it is discreet, you can consume it in the form of a drink. These are the flowers of Jasminum Officinale – jasmine officinale, which is used to prepare the herbal tea: count a tablespoon of flowers (fresh or dried) per cup, and let infuse for at least 10 minutes. Effective in the fight against insomnia, jasmine tea also has the property of relieving coughs.

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