Sympathy Flowers

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To show your condolences and support in the wake of a loved one's passing, From You, Flowers has a lovely assortment of sympathy flowers.

Sympathy Flowers: A Complete Guide

To show your condolences and support in the wake of a loved one's passing, From You, Flowers has a lovely assortment of sympathy flowers. Flowers from local florists are a beautiful way to show your support for someone who has lost a loved one. To show your affection, each sympathy gift or mourning flower arrangement is given with a unique card message.

What are sympathy flowers?

Arrangements of flowers intended to express sympathy are commonly delivered to funeral homes as sympathy bouquets. In a wide range of types and colors, they send a message to the person who you want to comfort.

What are the best colors for sympathy flowers?

Sympathy is traditionally expressed through the use of the colors pink and white. These colors show compassion, love, and honesty. Other colors, such as yellow for friendliness or blue for peace, can also be utilised to communicate a message.

Sympathy Flowers Delivery

You can rely on us to assist you in expressing your condolences while also providing comfort and assistance. We offer handcrafted funeral flowers for the service, as well as sympathy and remember gifts for the house, all created by our compassionate florists. Click Here for More Sympathy Resources.

What can you send to express sympathy? 

There are lots of different ways of presenting that are regularly delivered as expressions of sympathy. Sending a sympathy card with a sincere message is a simple way to express your heartfelt sympathy. Flowers are a beautiful way to show that you are sorry, and you can also send a sympathy basket.

What kind of sympathy gifts are suitable to send?

Making a decision about the best sympathy gift can be hard. But there are a lot of choices that are both appropriate and easy to order. You can choose from a plant, a flower arrangement, a gift basket, or a wreath to show your sympathy. Let's take a look at each of the options, which are all excellent for various reasons. Sympathy plants are a great thing to send to your friends and family when you are sad. 


To show that you care, you can always send a plant to the family's house, even if they don't have a memorial service or no service at all. The Peace Lily, a dish garden with a mix of green plants, or an orchid are all good options for plants that show you care. The family of a coworker or friend who has died will be happy to get a sympathy gift basket from you. 


Sympathy baskets are made by a local florist and filled with fresh fruit, crackers and cheeses, as well as other items. People who are going through hard times might like to have something to eat while they are going through it. Sympathy flower wreaths are always delivered straight to the funeral home in advance of the memorial service, and they are frequently sent on behalf of the entire family. Fresh flowers are used to make sympathy wreaths, which are made by a local florist according to your specifications about the color and type of flowers.

How to send sympathy flowers?

Choosing what kind of flower arrangement you want to send is the first step in sending sympathy flowers. You can send a sympathy bouquet, an arrangement that stands on its own, or a flowering plant to show your support for the family.

Then decide if you want to send it to the funeral home or to the deceased person’s. To send them for a service, you'll need to know where and when they're going to be buried and the address. Finally, write a note of sympathy and put it in the package.

What is a sympathy bouquet?

To pay respect to the memory of a friend or loved one, a local florist will produce a floral tribute known as a sympathy bouquet. It is common for a sympathy flower bouquet to be made up of lilies and other white flowers. It is sent to a home or funeral home with a note from you.

When is the best time to send sympathy flowers?

The sending of flowers should be done as quickly as possible following learning of someone's passing. This helps to make sure that the flowers get there in time for the funeral, so they don't arrive late. On the anniversary of someone's death, though, you can send sympathy flowers to demonstrate that you're still thinking of them.

On a sympathy card with flowers, what should I write?

Sympathy cards should contain meaningful sentiments intended to reassure the mourning family. It is best to think about the good times you had with the person who died. Please see our suggestions on what to write in a sympathy card if you are having problems coming up with the proper words to express your sorrow.

Why give sympathy flowers when they prefer donations?

People who have lost a loved one should follow their wishes, even if they don't want to do so. Frequently, the family requests monetary contributions to a charity in lieu of funeral flowers. Then, you can pay your respects with money. If you want to send a much more personal sympathy bouquet, you can send it a few weeks after you donate.

What's the difference between sympathy and funeral flowers?

Sending sympathy flowers to a mourning person's home or workplace is a common practice. To put them around the house, they're made in a small size that's very useful. Flowersezgo florists do :


At a funeral service, funeral flowers are designed to be displayed. They're usually more complex than sympathy flowers, and they're bigger to stand out in the spacious room where a funeral ceremony is held. Rather than being delivered to the deceased person's home, most funeral flowers are delivered directly to the funeral home. We can make the following arrangements:

Cremation flowers  wreaths Funeral plants and Funeral sprays

How much should you spend on sympathy flowers?

The price of a medium-sized sympathy flower arrangement is about $90 to $150.  People who want big wreaths or casket sprays can pay more than $150 for them.

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