Spring break

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Why a spring break? Who invented the concept? 

After being a teacher, school principal, director general of the Quebec Catholic School Commission, Fernand Paradis was director general of the Federation of Quebec School Boards and that's where he created Spring Break! 

When he was general director of the Commission des ecoles catholiques de Québec from 1975 to 1983, a study was conducted on the absenteeism rate of students, but also teachers. The result indicated that the time of the school year when people were most absent was at the end of February and the beginning of November. 

Mr. Paradis discovered that there was a spring and fall vacation in France, allowing students and faculty to rest. It was in 1976 that he submitted the idea of ​​a spring break to the Catholic School Board of Quebec. It was only three years later that the unions, which Fernand Paradis found important to have their support, accepted the idea of ​​the spring break. For that, it was necessary however that the beginning of the classes be preceded by one week to preserve the 180 days of class and the 200 days of work for the teachers, because the law on the Public Instruction stipulated, at the time, that classes had to start the day after Labor Day. 

Spring break should be renamed Family Complication Week. There are just the kids who breaks that week. The poor little ones clearly need rest three months after having their Christmas holidays because going to primary school is hard. In addition, they had only nine pedagogical days since the holidays. 

The trouble is that we, lonely parents, have to struggle to find time off, otherwise find dedicated grandparents. In spite of all the efforts made, it is inevitable, it will be necessary to resort to fine tricks to pass through this week without giving to your tender cherubins the impression that you regret the blessed day where they entered your lives.

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