Palm Care

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The palm is very well adapted to the culture in apartment or house. At once aesthetic, resistant and very easy to cultivate, it is one of the most popular and best-selling indoor plants. Its foliage is elegant and gives a touch of exoticism to the living room, living room or any other room of the well-lit house.

It thrives very well in temperatures that are around 18-22 cel. and he asks for a very good light but no direct sun.

If you live in a rather dark place, you should avoid buying the areca. It claims a good soil that you will mix with 1/3 of compost if you have some.

In order to facilitate the drainage, put at the bottom of the pot a bed of gravel, pebbles or clay balls which will prevent the roots from bathing in the water that the plant can not stand.

The soil must be allowed to dry between 2 waterings. Like most tropical plants, it is important to mist the foliage.

The growth period, which is during the spring and summer, must be given a liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks, taking care to moisten the potting soil.

It is necessary to stop the supply of fertilizer from October to March.

There is different variety of palm. The most common are the palm tree '' Dwarf '': palm forming a tuft and a ringed stipe, the palm '' Kentia '': palm forming a bunch of arched leaves and palm '' Aréca '': palm forming a tuft called also dypsis.

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