Money Tree care

Sunday, Jul 14, 2019 7 comment(s)

The aquatic Pachira, also nicknamed the money tree, is a tropical tree from South America. Outside, this plant can reach up to 20 meters in height. Inside it will not exceed 1.5 meter. This plant is very appreciated for its beautiful green leaves and its ease of maintenance. She is often sold with five braided feet. In Chinese culture, this symbolizes financial success. 

From December to March, the aquatic Pachira makes flowers and then it produces fruits that resemble those of the cocoa tree.

This plant can not survive outside North America, so it is used as an indoor decorating plant. It adapts very well to indoor temperature. 

It is important to provide brightness without putting it directly in the sun because it can burn its foliage.

In addition, it is important to water this plant regularly before the substrate is desiccated. Watering every week should be enough. It is also possible to spray water on the foliage. On the other hand, in winter the needs of the plant in water are less important, so you can reduce the number of watering. If you notice that the foliage is yellow, this is probably due to excess water. Water the plant less often and it will return to its usual beautiful color. 

To ensure good drainage and prevent water from accumulating, you can add clay balls to the bottom of the pot. 

Every two years, it is important to re-plant the plant. Place it in a larger container with fresh potting soil which will allow it to grow.

This easy-care plant is considered the symbol of luck and prosperity in many cultures. It is said that money does not grow in trees ... but with this plant, it's just like!

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