Halloween Day

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Halloween originates from a Celtic festival, Samhain, which marked the first day of the Celtic year. It also announced the end of the harvests and the season of the sun. Since the Celts - who lived where England and Northern France now are - counted in nights and not in days, the celebration was to begin on the evening of October 31st. The party was held under the authority of the Druids for seven days. The tradition was transported to North America around 1840, with the emigration of the Irish to the United States. Today, Halloween is celebrated primarily in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Great Britain and Australia. 

Samhain marked the beginning of the winter cycle, that of the struggle between darkness and light. During the night, the druids lit a sacred fire on the altar to honor Been, the sun god. This fire was also used to chase evil spirits. According to legend, during the night of Samhain, the spirits of the dead can return to their earthly dwelling. Thus, once, the living tried to welcome them at best, we left, for example, food at the village gates to appease these presences, we emptied turnips or beets to cut them into the shape of skulls that one placed on the roadside or near the cemeteries, because the opening of the doors of the other world also allowed the intrusion of evil entities. The strength of the darkness of Samhain was represented by a series of more or less evil spirits. This is the origin of the various monsters associated with Halloween. Hence the presence of many ghosts and vampires at the party. As for the skeletons, they certainly originated from the relics of saints venerated the following day. The Irish émigrés in the United States adopted the pumpkins because they are more abundant.

In Quebec, the custom dates back at most to the years 1920-1930 and probably began in the Montreal area at the initiative of English-speaking Quebecers. the children disguise themselves and invades the streets to knock on doors and ask for treats. The houses that participate in the party decorates the door of an illuminated pumpkin to indicate that children are welcome. In recent years, the festival is generating a growing craze and inspires more and more people to create horror decorations in front of houses.

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