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Dracena care

Dracena care

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Dracena Denomination and information

Common name: Dracena, Dragoon, Dracaena
Latin name: Dracena
Plant type: Foliage shrubs
Flower colors: White flowers
Leaf colors: Dark green, Red foliage
Vegetation: Perennial
Foliage: Persistant
Height at maturity: 15 to 1000 centimeters

How to properly maintain your Dracena

Maintenance: Easy
Need water: Medium, to spray
Growth: Slow
Multiplication: Cuttings
Cold resistance: Fragile

Ideal location for Dracena

Exposure: Sun, Part shade
Indoor use: Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Greenhouse, Temperate greenhouse
Planting: Full ground, Bac, pot or planter
Climate: Oceanique, Mediterranean

Planting months for Dracena

The different months of planting
March, April, May

Flowering months for Dracena

The different months of flowering
March, April, May

Plants of the same type as Dracena

The different names of plants of the same type
Tradescantia spathacea
Cresson de Para

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