Congratulations wishes

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Knowing how to congratulate an acquaintance or a loved one for a happy event, a success is far from obvious. You will find the right words to congratulate parents who have adopted a child, a godson who passed the exam or spouses for their wedding and generally for any special occasion in life, congratulations for a pregnancy, a birth, an election, a promotion, a communion, no matter whether they are formal or not it is always nice to give or even receive congratulations.

To write a congratulatory card for the arrival of a newborn you can easily adapt to the mother following the bonds of friendship that unite you. You can attach a gift, flowers or wait to see the child to give him, but above all, always be sincere in the words you choose to write.

A diploma is the precious document that comes to attest to the success of a student in his exams after several years of study and personal investment. It is an immense joy for the person who has just obtained it, but also a reason for satisfaction for those close to him. It is also customary to congratulate the young graduate. When you can not do it right away, why not send a nice bouquet of flowers with a map to mark the coup? It is a personal attention that will undoubtedly be appreciated by its recipient.

One of your relatives told you his engagement? Express your joy with a flower arrangement and a congratulatory card or a beautiful letter. Whether he is a friend or family, the words, when they are sincere, touch the one who receives them. Your message of congratulations for an engagement may show your attachment to the future spouse and the joy of attending the wedding soon.

Some birthday dates may have a symbolic value such as the twentieth birthday of a person or the 30 years of marriage of a couple for example. By tradition, each year of marriage is associated with a name that ranges from cotton (1 year) to oak (80 years). The dozens being symbolic, some older couples take this opportunity to invite the family around a festive meal. If you can not be present at the reception, it would be courteous to send your friends a card to congratulate them on their wedding anniversary and a nice centerpiece to decorate the meal.

When you live in the same neighborhood for many years, you will forge bonds with your neighbors, you will make little mutual services and some strong friendships can be formed over time. So when a family announces its move to his entourage, his friends realize that their lives will change and that they will miss them. To show your sadness at seeing your neighbors leave while congratulating them on their new life.

To receive or to congratulate is always warm to the heart and it shows the esteem we have for one another.

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