Christmas Day

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Generally, Christmas is associated with a family celebration with gifts under the tree, the iced log and the illuminated streets, as well as a holiday related to religion. But why Christmas is December 25th? Where does Santa come from? What are the origins of the crib, the Christmas tree or the Advent wreath? Back to the origin of Christmas and all its festivities. We know that Christmas was born in very old times, on the sidelines of the winter solstice. A pivotal period, during which were held many celebrations dedicated to the worship of the god of sowing and fertility, Saturn. The "Saturnalia", which took place from 17 to 24 December, seem to have an indisputable link with the "Nativity", born as for her with Christendom. There is indeed no certainty as to the exact day of the birth of Jesus. The date of December 25 was arrested only in 354 by Pope Liberius. 

From Jesus to Santa Claus

Among Christians, the Christmas feast then crystallized around the writings of the apostles, as well as other characters and rites. Nicolas de Myre, aka Saint Nicolas, bishop of Asia Minor of the fourth century, will thus bring an important stone to the building of Christmas. It will also contribute to the disconnection of the Christian festival and the pagan festival, inspiring more or less directly the modern Santa Claus. This protector of the children will be the object of a cult and important traditions in the countries of Germanic tradition. It will gradually split into a friendly bearded man in the twentieth century, especially under the influence of advertising.

And the Christmas tree? 

As for the Christmas tree, it is necessary to go back there again very far to find the origin. Considered by the Celts as the day of the rebirth of the Sun, December 24 was indeed associated with the spruce, symbol of birth. It is in 1521 that the Christmas tree, close to the one we know today, would have made its first appearance, in Alsace. In this region, the inhabitants began to cut the still green trees during the Saint Thomas (December 21st) and to decorate them with roses, apples (referring to Adam and Eve), confectionery and cupcakes as early as the 16th century to spend happy holidays ...

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