Canada Day

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Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st. This feast, formerly known as Confederation Day, has many festivities, such as shows, fireworks and several gatherings across the country. 

Canada Day commemorates the independence of the country that was acquired on July 1, 1867. Indeed, it was on this date that the British North America Act came into force. This act was created for several political and economic reasons.

The confederation of Canada allowed the British colonies of United Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to unite. These colonies then formed provinces of the Dominion of Canada. As a result of this union, other regions joined the confederation. The AANB dissolved the 1840 Act, which unified Upper and Lower Canada. The United Canada has been divided into two separate provinces, known as Ontario and Quebec. 

The British North America Act grants several powers to the federal government. Primarily, these powers are in economic matters and in taxation. Although the system is highly centralized, the provinces do have access to certain powers in education, hospitals, and so on.

On July 1st, the biggest festivities are in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The party is held mainly on Parliament Hill where various performances with Canadian artists take place at Major's Hill Park and the streets of downtown. People take the opportunity to gather and display the red and white colors of Canada.

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