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Motherhood is a very special time in a woman's life. Indeed, during the nine months of pregnancy, her body undergoes several changes to allow the child to grow and possibly to exist independently. Although this period is filled with joy, it can also be difficult for the mother mainly because of the increase in the production of hormones that can cause her nausea, make her tired and more emotional.

The attachment of the mother to her child is very fast during pregnancy. For the father, attachment often occurs during the first ultrasound or the first kick of the child in the womb. 

Pregnancy ends with childbirth, which occurs in three phases, dilation, expulsion and deliverance. The different customs related to childbirth vary from one culture to another. Indeed, the place of birth is different from one country to another and from one family to another. Some prefer a hospital delivery, while others prefer birthing homes. For those present during delivery, some women prefer to be accompanied by a team of doctors, while others prefer to have a midwife only. 

To mark the birth of a child, people often give a gift to him and his mother. Often, relatives offers flowers to the new mother accompanied by balloons welcoming the child. A little plush for the child is sometimes added. This gift can be brought directly to the hospital or at the new mom's house and shows support for the family.

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