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Rosebush care

Rosebush care

Sunday, Jul 14, 2019 0 comment(s)

It must be watered the first year, especially in dry weather. During the summer season, it is necessary to cut the faded flowers to stimulate the flowering and weeding. During the winter season, it is necessary to mulch the foot of the rose with straw or a load of dry ferns, which will retain moisture on the ground.

In February or March the straw must be removed. Put organic fertilizer: scrape the soil around the rose, spread about 1 kg of composted manure or vermicompost or dried blood. Scrape again to bury slightly. 

Rose’s size

It must be trimmed regularly, it stimulates and promotes the emergence of new shoots. If the roses comes from a transplant, systematically cut all the rejects that grow from the root.

The cut should be sharp about 2 to 3 mm above a bud that goes out of the bunch.

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