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AIR MILES Reward Program

Air Miles points guide

AIR MILES is a very popular loyalty program in Canada. More than ten million active accounts in the country, there is surely someone you know who accumulates points. If you are a new member we have what you need to help you. Find out how you can get the most out of your AIR MILES points.

What are AIR MILES points?

AIR MILES are points that you can collect to redeem for rewards, such as travel tickets and discounts at select stores. To receive AIR MILES points, you can:

  • Save miles by purchasing from participating merchants

  • Using an AIR MILES credit card

  • You can buy them directly on airmiles.ca (handy if you have points before redeeming a reward)

The number of miles you earn with your purchases depends on the retail partner, which equates to one reward mile for every $ 20 spent. When you use an AIR MILES credit card, you have double the amount at participating merchants.

You can claim your points as Cash Miles, Dream Miles or both. You have control over the distribution of your miles and can change them at any time online.

How many AIR MILES points do you need for a flight?

Everything is calculated according to the distance. In general, you can use your Dream Miles for short-haul flights. Redeeming miles for return tickets on these popular routes will cost:

Destination                       AIR MILES low season                         AIR MILES high season

Toronto/New York                            1400                                                       1700

Vancouver/San Diego                      2500                                                       3000

Calgary/San Francisco                    3000                                                        4000

Winnipeg/Cancun                            5000                                                        7500

Montreal/Paris                                 6000                                                        9000

Airlines have a limited number of seats in the loyalty program, your flight choices will be more limited than if you bought them directly from a supplier. When using the cost of the AIR MILES flight, keep in mind that there are taxes and fees associated with the flight.

What are AIR MILES Cash Miles?

The AIR MILES that you use as Cash Miles can be redeemed for a discount on your purchases in store. You can redeem a minimum of 95 Cash Miles as $ 10, plus in increments of $ 10 up to a maximum of $ 750 per purchase, per day. Cash Miles can also be redeemed on the site for eVouchers sent to your email.

What are AIR MILES Dream Miles?

AIR MILES Dream Miles are points that you earn and can be redeemed for experiences and different goods. You can use your Dream Miles for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and travel insurance.

You can also use your Dream Miles on vacation packages following the partnership of Air Miles and redtag.ca. Since the end of 2019, you can use your Dream Miles for cruise reservations.

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